Adjusting period on Chiba. The final preparation for Tokyo 2021!

After a smooth flight, I touched down on Monday morning, August 16th, around 08:30 AM local Japanese time. Unlike the long waits experienced by athletes during the Olympic Games, we were swiftly guided through all airport checkpoints and made our way to our hotel on the Chiba Peninsula, approximately 50 kilometers from Tokyo. We enjoyed our first breakfast there, and as you can see, the Japanese leave nothing to chance – we were seated not just one and a half meters apart, but nearly 3 meters.



Despite the 7-hour time difference, we headed to the sports hall on the same day for training. It’s crucial to adjust to the correct sports/rest/sleep schedule as quickly as possible. Even though the five of us are in the same ‘bubble,’ there is ample space in the sports hall to maintain distance. In fact, the entire sports hall was at our disposal, allowing us to fully engage in our training.



In the upcoming days, we’ll focus on training and getting proper rest, as next week is going to be quite hectic. Whenever there’s a moment and space permits, we’ll take a breath of fresh air together, but always with our masks on.


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