European championship in Sheffield 2023

In my road to the this European Championship I was well prepared and confident to perform well.

At the mixed doubles with my team mate JP Montanus, we reached the final. Again, like at the World Championship in 2022, was the strong Ukraine team. This time they they played very well, especially when playing the important point. Ukraine became European Champion and the gold medal was well deserved.

In the single event I had played very consistent and reached the final with not losing one single game. My opponent in the final was (again) Kubra Kortkut. First two games were very strong from my side and won them quite easy. The third game I lost with big numbers and lost control of the match. At the end Kubra became het new European Champion.


Proud to win the silver medal together with team mate JP Montanus.


Silver at the end, work to do to perform better at the Paralympics in 2024.

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