Training camp in Belgium. The starting point for Tokyo!

Last weekend we were in Belgium, near Antwerp, for a training camp. A lot of hitting against great sparring partners. Top players from the Belgian Super Division, who hit every ball back. Just what you need to get to the to the max of your capabilities! I love it.

Together with my coach Johan and talents Roy van der Burg and Devin Wassink I was in Belgium. We hit a lot of balls. A great feeling. The feeling of: this is what we are going to do next six months. Train hard, break down, give everything. From now on it will be more, more, more.

The advantage of sparring partners who play at a very high valedictorian level is that they hit everything back. I get it back much more often than in a match. We trained everything. All strokes, self serve, service reception … Those guys don’t miss anything. You can do whatever you want, wherever you hit them, even if you just don’t hit a ball well; they come back.

It were a great couple of days. THE starting point towards Tokyo. From now on I will train one day more at Papendal anyway. In total it will be ping-pong six days a week. As soon as the competition is over, it will be hard work during the week and a little more rest at the weekend. I am looking forward to it!

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