Rabobank booking: “the importance of a sports club”

Last week Rabobank organized an inspiration evening for sports clubs. I was there to tell my story. When I do such a talk I always tell a slightly different story. It depends on the goal that the organization wants to achieve with the event. Of course, my talk has to fit in with that.

My first table tennis club played the lead role on this evening for the Rabobank. Had I not joined BSM in Dongen to play table tennis, I might not be where I am today. Maybe I would have competed on a national level. And that would have been fine too, but the fact that I got this far makes it extra fun of course.


Foto: Tim Eshuis


BSM is a regular table tennis club, not one specifically for people with disabilities. And it made sense for me to go there. My parents always raised me normally, I went to a normal school and so I also went to a normal table tennis club. Partly because of that, I never felt disabled. I am, since birth, but I never felt that way. I just enjoyed playing with kids my age.

And that is exactly what I told those clubs: you are incredibly important. Make sure everyone can participate in a normal way (as much as possible). And make sure everyone has fun together. Because that’s what sport is all about. It’s not about medals or getting to the top. Of course I talk about that too, but that’s just a consequence of having fun at an association.

Afterwards I received many positive reactions from the associations that were present. Still nice to hear that my story inspired them and they enjoyed listening to it. Very nice to do!

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Foto: Tim Eshuis


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