Being strong at the right time in the Paralympic year

The Copa Costa Rica in mid-December marked my last tournament, and now the true Paralympic journey begins with the first tournament: the Costa Brava Open.

As I head towards Tokyo 2020, my tournament schedule isn’t packed. After the tournament in Spain, I’ll only participate in the Slovenian Open in May, with no other competitions on my agenda. I’ve already secured my qualification for the Games, so I don’t need these tournaments for points. Instead, my focus is on a series of intensive training camps.

Training takes center stage this year. I’m dedicated to elevating my foundation as high as possible before I step into Tokyo. Honestly, my foundation is already strong; I feel it. Table tennis, like riding a bike, is something you don’t forget. Our first training camp was in Belgium, and later this year, we’ll venture to Croatia (in July) and Indonesia (in August, the final preparations for Tokyo).

A Positive Feeling Last year, I played throughout the year, took a little break but didn’t truly rest. I hope to maintain this feeling as I progress towards Tokyo. This means lots of training, but also knowing when to take the necessary breaks. Everything serves Tokyo, but I can’t just keep building relentlessly. I need to step back a few times.

I shouldn’t tunnel too early. I should listen more to myself; I do know what’s best for me. I’ve been through this three times already and don’t want to burn out again. If I skip a day of training, that’s okay. I need to trust that. I admit, that’s still a challenge for me.

Peak Performance It’s still six months away, but I’m ready for it to arrive. Let time pass quickly. I’m prepared to put in the work, to train hard, and eventually dive into that tunnel. Knowing that the Games are just a few months away is incredibly motivating. It’s a short stretch. That makes me happy, but it’s also daunting. I know what lies ahead. I understand that in the coming months, both physically and mentally, I’ll be pushed to my limits. All for one goal: to peak at the right moment.”

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