World championship in Granada 2022

After a Paralympic cycle I always take some time off. Usually it is already a tough cycle but due to the Corona pandemic and the one year delay, I really felt tired after Tokyo. So my preparation for the World Championship had been much shorter than usual.

For the first time at a World Championship the doubles were played and together with my team mate JP Montanus we started in the mixed doubles class 14. Although this was a new event, we were named as one of the favorites. In the final we played agains Ukraine one of hour best games ever and became World Champion.

In my single event the way to the final went relatively easy. The final I have to compete with my well known Turkish opponent Kubra Korkut. Although I had a strong start by winning the first game, I lost the second a little unfortunately and after thad my opponent took control of the game. Finally a well deserved win for Kubra and at the end I was satisfied with my silver medal.


Congratulating my opponent Kubra with the gold medal

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